Tuesday, June 6, 2017

won: apples to apples - 2nd try

This is an example of one user publishing a need, and another user satisfying it. Screenshots, which become larger upon clicking upon them, are shown. Apples are used for the example.

A client side certificate is asked for. For the meantime, I believe this should be ignored (canceled) as none are valid. However, chosing one could be okay too based on visiting the data folder (and perhaps documentation somewhere). I believe solid.mit.edu uses a similar authentication scheme, although the chosen cert matters to solid (but maybe less so in the future since they are emphasizing OpenIDConnect).

Interestingly, later when I try to download a need with wget, I get complaints about a self signed certificate, so an in-browser complaint does not seem that peculiar. See this gist for an in-browser example:
Note: Apples to Apples is a trademark for a game.

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