Saturday, January 13, 2018

Notes Getting a Jena Example Running in Eclipse

Step 1: Get the Jena Library into Eclipse Oxygen.

Go to: Window>Preferences>Java>Build Path>UserLibraries>New>{Add Name}>Add External JARS>Save/Continue

like in the first part of:

[Tutorial] Using Apache Jena with Eclipse + HelloWorld! | Apache Jena con Eclipse + HelloWorld!

Step 2: Create project folder, if you have not already. Once this is created, right click on the folder>Select Build Path>Add Libraries>User Library>Jena

See: Jena tutorial - download and setup Jena in Eclipse (Semantic web applications) 3: Create an RDF file. Make sure you change the file associations to (XML or something else?) if the file associates with Firefox (or perhaps some other web browser?)

I tried: Window>Preferences>General>Editors>File Associations>File Types>Add>*.rdf

Secondly, for Window>Preferences>General>Editors>File Associations>Associated Editors>Add>XML Editor

Inspiration : (

Step 4: Create the Java file as in the video below, and run it.

Apache Jena tutorial - write models in different formats with jena RDF,TURTLE,JSON)

Step 5: Set up a Sparql query.

Apache jena tutorial - using sparql with jena to query rdf document (

I found it useful to look at this Stackoverflow page to find other classes and interfaces that were missing from the video:

I produced screenshots of the result 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Check out Vienna in the Fall to Winter

A friend of mine is planning a trip to Vienna (Wien), and asked for some pointers of what to see. This is hard, but I hope that a few of the pictures and links I have collected below showcase some of what Wien has to offer. (Please click on the photos to make them large.)

Shows:  (Royal Classic -- Orchestra and Ballet)

Food (Wine Taverns)

Pretzels and Viennese Food? Sounds good... Brezlgwölb

Rick Steves Europe Austria Event Calendar:


Musik und Theatre (Music and Theatre)



Vienna Network Maps

Info:   (for tourists) (for tourists)   (for locals)



Art Advent



Nearby: Wein & Co.



Prater (established 1766  -- modern, but it is one the world's oldest)

Austrian National Library (and surrounding area)

Street Food

Käsekrainer, Debreziner Sausage, Kebab, Schnitzelsemmel, Rum flavored donut with hazelnut chocolate filling from (

Be Vegan 

Kreuzenstein Castle (just north of Vienna on the Danube)

McDonalds Cafe (McCafe) -- Viennese

Austrian Lemonade

Danube River 

Maria Theresien Platz

Natural History Museum Vienna  (

Kunsthistorisches Museum (

Art Auction - Dorotheum

Random Creatures That Show up In Windows

Conference Center / Event Center