Monday, September 18, 2017

Trying to understand headers HTTP

AJAX Crash Course:

Content Negotiation:

Now that I have that out of my system....I am looking at Content Negotiation, AJAX requests, and HTTP Headers...

(1) Accept different file types other than the standard html when hitting a URL (e.g, text/turtle, application+jsonld(?))
(2) Use X509 certificates in the HTTP request (understand authentication and authorization over HTTP)

I have no clue what the Headers should look like in this algorithm:

Maybe see:


"The act of retrieving a representation of a resource identified by a URI is known as dereferencing that URI."

Also see:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

CORS Experiments

test6.html works like a charm...


RESCAL Minimization Problem.

Factorizing YAGO

A Three-Way Model for Collective Learning on Multi-Relational Data

"Python module to compute the RESCAL tensor factorization "

"Scikit Tensor" Factorization for Multi-Relational Learning

Logistic Tensor Factorization for Multi-Relational Data   <<< Maximilian Nickel's website


, N; , E "Improving entity search over linked data by modeling latent semantics"

"Scalable tensor factorization"


A Semantic Matching Energy Function for Learning
with Multi-relational Data
Xavier Glorot et. al

reference for cross-check:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

set up proxy server for cors

Set up proxy server ...

edit: (Thursday, September 14, 2017) 
(with this code the cross domain query is still blocked --- I do not know why...)

setting up with websid

curl does not fail with a 401, whereas my JavaScript does (it has CORS issues already which need to be 401 is the least of my worries).

I have JavaScript that hits the URL. I might need to change this JavaScript such that it works with the ACL scheme. Are there non-human clients that work with the webid protocol? I recall reading that there were previously.
mmm..maybe I should start here

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Early explorations using Sigma.js to replicate IsaViz/GSS

Viewing the referenced plugin-customshapes:

But it looks like you will have to modify the shape library /sigma.js/plugins/sigma.renderers.customShapes/shape-library.js  to include a GSS custom shape in addition to the star, the cross, the equilateral triangle, etc...offered by Sigma.js