Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Thinking about Conversation for Action for the Web of Needs Ontology (pt2: living document)

Referencing: and

vf:Agreement  a       owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label       "vf:Agreement" ;
        rdfs:comment   "Any type of agreement among economic agents, that can be referenced in VF to clarify the economic activity.  This is a placeholder pending investigating other vocabularies." .

===========> this may be generic enough to apply to the web of needs?

#vf:Intent  a       owl:Class ;
#        rdfs:label       "vf:Intent" ;
#        rdfs:comment   "A published want or offer or plan, sometimes with what is expected or desired in return." .

vf:Commitment  a       owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label       "vf:Commitment" ;
        rdfs:comment   "A planned economic event or transfer that has been promised by an agent to another agent." .

===========> web of of needs agreements can result in commitments of the economic type, but they need not be?

vf:AgentRelationship  a       owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label       "vf:AgentRelationship" ;
        rdfs:comment    "An ongoing voluntary association between 2 Agents of any kind." .

=========> two needs owners that are in discussions, or have made an agreement have some sort of relationship

vf:Fulfillment  a            owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label       "vf:Fulfillment" ;
        rdfs:comment   "The quantity that the vf:EconomicEvent fulfilled towards the vf:Commitment." .

=====> a clause in a agr:Proposal may indeed have some sort of Fulfillment

#        a                   owl:ObjectProperty ;
#        rdfs:domain         vf:Commitment ;
#        rdfs:range          vf:Intent ;
#        rdfs:comment        "The Intent that an economic agent promises to fulfill." .

===================> apply as predicate

vf:ExchangeAgreement  a       owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label       "vf:ExchangeAgreement" ;
        rdfs:subClassOf      vf:Agreement ;
        rdfs:comment   "An agreement to exchange something with another agent(s), containing vf:Commitments towards that end." .

======> this looks most relevant to the web of needs, but there could be other agreements in the VF ontology that are relevant as well...

vf:under  a          owl:ObjectProperty ;
        rdfs:domain  [ owl:unionOf (vf:EconomicEvent vf:Commitment vf:Reciprocity vf:Fulfillment) ] ;
        rdfs:label   "under" ;
        rdfs:range   vf:Agreement ;
        rdfs:comment        "Reference an agreement between agents which specifies the rules or policies which govern this event." .

        a                   owl:ObjectProperty ;
        rdfs:label         "action" ;
        rdfs:domain         [ owl:unionOf (vf:EconomicEvent vf:Commitment) ] ;
        rdfs:range          vf:Action ;
        rdfs:comment        "Relates a process input or output to a verb, such as consume, produce, work, improve, etc." .

================================> this must relate to flows in valueflows...but does is it part of an agreement???

Thinking about Conversation for Action and the Web of Needs Ontology

I checked out Conversation for Action [1], and tried to think about in terms of the Web of Needs Ontologies [2]. The annotations were about as far as I got. I do not know if they are correct. I may need to spend time talking to the original author of the diagram below about what their reasoning was.

Okay, the underlying Spec [3] helps a bit. I will look more at that.