Thursday, June 1, 2017

Subdomains, Linode, another hosting provider for the parent domain, and a third party DNS provider ...and all that

Trying to point a subdomain at Linode, where the hosting provider is Bluehost and the DNS registrar is

Common DNS Configurations (on Linode) by Elle Krout

(see setting up a subdomain)
DNS Manager Overview (on Linode)

Interesting Links on Domain Registrar,

Adding a NS Record:

Adding a domain to Bluehost:

Hosting SubDomains on Bluehost:

(set up subdomain on bluehost, and contact to modify their zone file)

Then use NAT forwarding to point a docker container at the Public IP address for the hosting Linode Server

Understand Docker Communication - Docker Docs

How To Forward Ports through a Linux Gateway with Iptables by Justin Ellingwood

(useful tutorial for inspiration)

Linux 2.4 NAT HOWTO by Rusty Russel

But using Bluehost and Linode for hosting and for parent DNS provision and Bluehost for subdomain provision adds a layer of complexity, What about and Linode?

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