Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Notes from setting up Virtuoso with PowerAqua (pt2)

On my computer:

virtuoso.ini is at:

I tried to start in /var/lib/virtuoso-opensource-6.1 but I was unable to find the bin directory as specified in: https://github.com/dbpedia/dbpedia-docs/wiki/Loading-Data-Virtuoso#initial-setup

After viewing the results of locate virtuoso-opensource-6.1 I saw there was an init.d script at:


Running it in init-d  with ./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 gives the output:

* virtuoso-opensource-6.1 disabled, /etc/default/virtuoso-opensource-6.1.

Thus I go to /etc/default and cat virtuoso-opensource-6.1

It is a file with the contents:


# Defaults for the virtuoso initscript, from virtuoso-opensource

# This is the directory from where the database files are
# placed, defined by a relative path in the configfile

# Please edit /etc/virtuoso-opensource-6.1/virtuoso.ini first
# Removing the +wait breaks the init script!
DAEMON_OPTS="+wait +configfile /etc/virtuoso-opensource-6.1/virtuoso.ini"

# Remember to change passwords right after startup.
# Read README.Debian for information on how to do so.

# Set to 'yes' to start virtuoso, set to 'no' otherwise


I set RUN=yes . ( I hope it works. I had an error setting the default password on installation. I think it had an error message that meant it was disabling something. Hence the RUN=no)

Then I go back to /etc/init.d/ and try ./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 again.

output: Usage: /etc/init.d/virtuoso-opensource-6.1 {start|stop|force-stop|restart|force-reload|status}

So I try: ./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 start

This gives:

./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 start
 * Starting Virtuoso OpenSource Edition 6.1  virtuoso-opensource-6.1                                                                                                      The VDBMS server process terminated prematurely
after starting up.
./virtuoso-opensource-6.1: line 142: /var/run/virtuoso-opensource-6.1.pid: Permission denied                    [fail]

So I try: sudo ./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 start

This gives:

  sudo ./virtuoso-opensource-6.1 start
 * Starting Virtuoso OpenSource Edition 6.1  virtuoso-opensource-6.1                                                                                               [ OK ]

Going back to to /etc/virtuoso-opensource-6.1/virtuoso.ini I note that it might be running on port 8890 on localhost. So I try localhost:8890 to get:

Noting sparql endpoint access in https://github.com/dbpedia/dbpedia-docs/wiki/Loading-Data-Virtuoso#sparql-endpoint-access I also try localhost:8890/sparql

I also note that there is a web interface called conductor from https://github.com/dbpedia/dbpedia-docs/wiki/Loading-Data-Virtuoso#web-interface-more-user-friendly--slower at localhost:8890/conductor

At the moment I am not logged in, and I am not sure how to.

I thought it might be able to be changed at localhost:8890/install as mentioned in the Virtuoso documentation: http://wikis.openlinksw.com/VirtuosoWikiWeb /VirtuosoInstallUnixPE  . However, localhost:8890/install returns a 404 (not found). 

Searching for changing virtuoso default password with Google gives :

where the default password is: dba, and the default account is: dba

I think the goal now is to set up ontologies and a KB, and somehow get Virtuoso to index them (if it does not do so automatically).

In the documentation (https://sourceforge.net/projects/poweraqua/files/documentation/ )

"Plug-ins are placed under the /WEB-INF/aquaplugins directory in PowerAqua ...

(3) Virtuoso Plugin: to query graphs stored in Virtuoso. There are two types, the "remoteSPARQLplugin" to access remote SPARQL points and "VirtuosoPlugin" with SQL access. It is recommended to use the later (it requires to a local Virtuoso with SQL access), as the first is too slow making the system fail. The virtuoso server should provide full text searches (bif:contains), therefore inverted indexes are not required"

see bif:contains "http://docs.openlinksw.com/virtuoso/virtuosofaq8/"

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