Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Notes from Setting up Virtuoso for PowerAqua (pt1)

Per conversation with Vanessa Lopez, it is easier to set up Virtuoso with PowerAqua (as it provides its own index) than it is to set up PowerAqua with Sesame (as it does not provide its own index and needs to be indexed by Lucene).

The question I have naturally, is how do I get virtuoso running?

I followed installation instructions for  installation virtuoso open-source with aptitude:


sudo aptitude install  virtuoso-opensource

 I did not set the password. I need to move virtuoso.ini from /etc/virtuoso-opensource-6.1 ?

I need to feed the virtuoso.ini file to this somehow.(follow the instructions here)

Revert to Getting Started in the VOSUbuntuNotes


Also see the last paragraph in the installation section:

"dpkg / rpm installation provide init.d scripts (that may not be enabled by default) and can be invoked by sudo service virtuoso-opensource {start|stop|force-stop|restart}. Compiled installations can reuse the existing script or start with {install-dir}/bin/virtuoso-t -f <virtuoso.ini file>"


If that does not work follow the instructions here:

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