Friday, March 17, 2017

Loading Data in node-arc-d3

Starting from the top of the flowchart in :

I have issues:
(SPARQL Queries)
(Have a box to load ldp containers, turtle files, and perform sparql queries)

And excerpts from the EISPP wireframes (

Loading RDF files and LDP containers

Loading RDF Files

Save data/load data

 Save data
SPARQL Queries

These wireframe screenshots involve both GET and POST. For now I will use GET. I will also do disambiguation as mentioned in Issue 13.

Use URIjs to show the query parameter and the path, and follow a flowchart like:

Eventually, it is hoped, that NLQ will also be a data source:

Like In the EISPP wireframe:

To get this is I am reading the PowerAqua Thesis, to use it to extract relevant facts, which I believe are triples. PowerAqua helped build Miriam Fernandez' Thesis:

(A thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer SciencePowerAqua:Open Question Answeringon the Semantic Web, V. Lopez)

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