Monday, December 19, 2016

Preliminary notes for Wes Tyler's December talk at okc.js

I was checking out the okc.js website, and I found Wes Tyler was giving a lightning talk on "Node.js document models with Joi and Felicity".

A quick Google search gave me: (Felicity --  Description: Javascript object constructors based on Joi schema.)
(Joi -- Description : Object schema description language and validator for JavaScript objects.)

A few guesses on related stuff: (JSON Schema) (JavaScript Object Notation)
Object Oriented JavaScript :
[Object Oriented JavaScript : , Modular JavaScript # 6 - Classical Inheritance & OOP with JS : ,
Modular JavaScript - Prototypal Pattern vs Classical OOP in JS , :
JavaScript object creation patterns tutorial - factory , constructor pattern, prototype pattern  , ]

Interesting tangent (b/c I want to draw graphs anyway) :
6.4: The Constructor Function in JavaScript - p5.js Tutorial ,] which is from 1-6: Foundations of Programming in JavaScript - p5.js Tutorial , ]

p5.js may be found here:


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