Sunday, July 24, 2016

Musings about ISU

To put this on the Open web means it can be found.

I looked at International Space University in France and realized I have found avenues to pursue a lot of this stuff already. The big issue is dealing with the mental weeblies. I am still thinking about it however. As usual, I get haunted
by the up front cost. They like people with higher level degrees, which I have. Being knowledgeable about computers probably does not hurt.

In parallel to their curriculum - 

Potato Gun Construction and Being my Usual Eccentric Self Led to:
[1] Sutton and Bilbarz, Rocket Propulsion Elements
[2] NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
[3] Aerospace Maker - OSHW Spaceflight (tech and legalese)
[4] AlphaCubeSat -- cubesat design and deployment & familiarity with the space business (tech, procedure, and legalese)

Computer interest and space interest in conjunction with the Semantic web and LD led to:
[5] Integrated Space Plan / ISA . . (familiarity with the space business)

Interest in Open Source, the Hacker Philosophy, and want for a dev server led to:
[6] Various OKC Hacker / Makerspaces ...(places projects can be built)

The positive thing I see here is a buy in from a dedicated group of people with a legal backing as well as the focus that comes when you burn all of your ships. Also freedom because you're comfortable b/c you paid someone to put up with you :). I'm uncertain at the moment about how open the buyers in this market would be to radical ideas that to the more informed might involve a lot. I have habit of introducing them to unsuspecting recruiters. I try to normalize myself: sometimes unsuccessfully. (Edit: This would be less of an issue to me if I had the capital up front)

I am a bit past the deadlines on January and April, but I inquired anyways.

For reference:


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