Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Linked Data / RDF at Dataverse 2016

The following involves mention of Linked Data and RDF at the meeting:

Dr. David Ruvolo of the University of Pittsburgh was doing some stuff with linked data with CHIA (

CHIA has been developing something called Col*Fusion which is described as  "Col*Fusion (Collaborative Data Fusion) is an advanced infrastructure for systematic accumulation, integration and utilization of historical data. It aims to support large-scale interdisciplinary research, where a comprehensive picture of the subject requires large amounts of historical data from disparate data sources from a variety of disciplines." ( . This reminds me of LIMES and the  SILK Framework with Christian Bizer as it seems to have a aim in its data integration attempts.

Datacite offers permanent DOIs which might be useful in RDF work. Trisha Cruse said they would like to work in more of the vein of semantic web / LD but they are buried at the moment (

Robert Day  with Lab-Ally has done some stuff with RDF (

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