Sunday, August 24, 2014

A dirty hack of a Evolus Pencil Template

A dirty hack of a Pencil Template: (1) Find something that works. Download glyphish icons. (2) Unzip glyphish icons from the bash shell with the command: unzip -d glyphish_icons (3) Delete every shape except for the one for tshirt.png. (4) Edit tshirt.png in the /glyphish_icons/Icons folder with Gimp. (5) run base64 on the edited tshirt.png file base64 --wrap=0 tshirt.png (6) Paste the output in place of the string in the Definition.xml file after "base64,". (7) zip the glyphish_icons folder with the command: zip glyphish_icons * Note: I discovered the solution for step 6 by looking at: (8) You can use any image in place of the tshirt.png. Be sure to replace 24,17 with any width, height value (e.g. 100, 51).

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