Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIYBio in the Oklahoma City Metro?

After dropping by the front door of BioCurious in Sunnyvale, CA and missing out on the opportunity to see anyone I wondered if I could get involved in someway remotely. I e-mailed Eri Gentry and asked if there was some way to be involved while outside of the Bay Area. She said that they lacked the infrastructure, but I could get involved with events that had Fast forward a few days in the future. I had broken down, and remembered that Amanda Harlin with okc.js had challenged me to bring tech to Oklahoma. She said that those that complain are not those that do something about it. The memory ofthe citizen scientist biotech lab, BioCurious, and the challenge that Amanda threw down made me wonder if there could be a bio-hacker space in Oklahoma. Then came the thought that around here you have to build things, just like everything else that sprouted out of the prairie. See the list of current DIYBio places:

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