Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thoughts about Facebook and AOL

It seems like Facebook, and other social sites, have replaced America Online (AOL) as the primary place for social gathering. Facebook is similar to AOL in that it is closed, but different in that people go by their real names instead of cryptic (for lack of the better word) screen names.

It seems like people are a lot more open about their online identities than they used to be. People could have their own profile in AOL, but had the option to not (leaving themselves entirely anonymous). The major leap forward for Facebook seems the be the
news feed and advanced notifications. In addition, I do not recall that one could easily comment of specific items. The closest thing was a Guestbook in AOL Hometown ,if I can recall correctly. Perhaps the Guestbook was a part of Geocities or Angelfire.

Are there chatrooms built into Facebook? As far as I know, no. Maybe there is an app for it? Or perhaps because chatrooms got a bad wrap when people used them to exploit children they do not exist at all.

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