Sunday, July 17, 2011

Structured / Ordered Thinking and Coffee Shops

Apparently structured / ordered thinking is more difficult for me than free creative thinking. It is like jamming something through a hole. It takes a lot of effort.

I wonder if consciousness has anything to do with it? Right now, I am a little drowsy. I went to Starbucks to get a Venti Coffee and Blueberry Coffee Cake. The girl who rang me up was named Emily. Almost immediately my mind wondered to thinking about things related to that. I went to school with a girl by that name and I still remember her AOL screen name. Now, this sounds creepy almost.

For the record, the reason that I went to Starbucks was that they accept credit cards. I am really bad about remembering to bring cash with me, and I feel horrible about using one. It apparently costs the vendors 40 cents per transaction (or is it worse if you buy more?). Well anyways, this high transaction cost is also why I bought the Blueberry Coffee Cake. I was a bit worried about what it might have in it, but oh well. I helped them out I hope. On top of that, it was near $5.00 with the coffee. Yay for expensive coffee shops!

Oh, you know what? I had my laptop bag on my head and was carrying my coffee and a paper bag with my Blueberry Coffee cake in it. Just as I was passing by Which Which, a guy smiled and said something close to "good idea" (in meaning). And then as I was taking the crosswalk across Jenkins, a girl looked at me and smiled. It got me thinking... is this what it would be like to be well known?

It was odd. I am not used to this much attention. In terms of my blog, I can post anonymously almost. The likelihood that someone is actively reading it may be a little low. There could be one maybe. Others who have seen this blog have probably forgotten about it by now.

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