Saturday, November 14, 2009

Events of the Week (11/9/ -

This week has been interesting. I checked out the Disney College Program. Company reps were on campus midweek, and gave presentations in addition to staffing a booth. It sounded interesting. I was interested in it because one of my dreams is to be a Special Effects Expert (edit: had to search for the name). This program may or may not be the best route to take, but there are a lot of other programs offered by Disney as well. Working in a studio backlot would be awesome. I'm thinking something like Mythbusters. The only worry that I have is doing such a thing may set me back and make taking other engineering jobs more difficult. They'd be like, why did you do that? And secondly, do I have that specific skill set? Much to think about and explore.

I also watched part of the show Band of Brothers. While I don't have the jargon to describe it (I wish to), I enjoyed it. From my experience, it was well done.

Proceeding to the OU vs. Texas A&M game, I went to a tailgate party. It was good to get out, in addition to see people that I knew.

Tonight I plan on checking out a small production called the Laramie Project.

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