Saturday, October 17, 2009

Following the U2 Setup

I have been following the U2 Concert in Norman moderately closely. I will be going to it on Sunday. Here is a brief rundown of what I have noticed:

Monday: Asp street near the stadium (northbound) was closed. The football stadium lights were on in the evening.

Tuesday: Around lunch-time a large yellow crane showed up followed by a truck with a large portion of the stage. In addition, forklifts were operating under a large section of the stadium parking garage. I also noticed security surrounded the perimeter of the stadium.

Wednesday: I noticed two 25 foot sections of the stage arrive. I took some pictures of the setup, one of which is below.


The stage set, or "the Claw", was visible of the side of the stadium. Men were working on top of the large monstrosity.


The stage set was still visible above the side of the stadium, yet little activity was apparent. The north and south upper decks were covered with plastic.


A large spire, that I had not noticed before, protruded from the claw. Two semis, one apparently
full of stage equipment were blocking the west bound lane of Lindsey. A third an forth semi were heading towards, and away from stadium on Lindsey , respectively.

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