Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day of Statistics - After the OU-TX game

So, my statistics test is coming up on Tuesday. It is going to be huge, well huge for me.

We are reviewing the book: Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 5th Ed. by W. Mendenhall and T. Sincich.

In the first chapter we focused on, chapter 2, which included measures of central tendency, measures of variation, box plots, stem-and-leaf diagrams, histograms, and measures relative standing. While we had homework problems in this area, a big emphasis was put on the use of SPSS for our analysis. It is a lot easier anyways.

We then proceeded to chapter 4 of the text, in hopes that we understood at least some probability from chapter 3. It was important that we understood Bernoulli trials as well as the binomial distribution that is related to it. Owh, and I completely forgot, we used the concept of expected value and applied it to discrete random variables.

In chapter 5 we examined cumulative distribution functions and probability density functions for continuous random variables.

Well anyhow, this is a little brief. It is study time! Which is kind of like dinner time except with out the food. Umm...actually, no parallels, except the excitement.

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