Saturday, December 13, 2014

The status of things

 Concerning the mind controlled robot project I have been thinking, Beau is someone who you do not meet everyday. He literally did design for the Parallax Propeller chip (as far as I know). With respect to programming Arduino, I have some experience with the C language family. I have a book I've looked at several times, and I have even studied pointers, although I do have confidence issues. I do hope that I will be able to get around these. Mike Douglas was awesome and donated to the project. I'm not sure if other people will jump in just yet, but I have been considering devoting most of what little income I have to bring this to project to fuition. 

I have put a lot of time into EISPP, and it concerns me with respect to starting other projects. It has brought it's rewards though. I've met some interesting people. Some Sensoricans seem to like it, and it seems to fit well with what is going on at the Open App Ecosystem. Right now I am studying FreeCAD to illustrate merging it with sections 2 and 4 of ISO15926 to allow for labeling of objects with sematic interoperability with the rest of EISPP.

The filament extruder project has not gone anywhere, and the same can be said about building a website for web payments. But I have seen a lot of Mozilla recently, and I expect to see more of that. Bill Mills seems like an awesome character. Speaking of which, Software Carpentry, although no longer affiliated with Mozilla, has helped me get a little more warmed up about teaching. I remember earlier I had the opportunity, but I had bitter feelings.

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