Friday, February 1, 2013

This is really sad

I was looking at the Maxima manual, and I had a "I wonder what this does" moment. It had to deal with Hilbert Maps, which may be found on Sourceforge at: After I put in the two commands: (%i1) load(fractals)$ (%i2) plot2d([discrete,hilbertmap(6)])$ into xMaxima I obtained this: I was still not satisfied, so I did a quick Google search for Hilbert Maps. I clicked on one of the resulting images, and wound up here: This was all nice and good, but I wanted to know what Wikipedia said as well ( also led me to R-trees ( which remind me of network visualization, and Gray Codes which make me think of Minecraft. I performed a Google search for Hilbert Maps + Minecraft, and then a search for Minecraft + Gray Codes. This Youtube video by Neumann Gregor was an interesting result ( Team Cymru also led me to xkcd, where I found a wonderful circuit diagram: as well as a map of the IP4 space of the Internet: Team Cymru was great because they also linked to The Measurement Factory at While there, I was interested in what CAIDA was. From the link (, it turns out they are all about Internet Data Analysis.

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