Thursday, June 14, 2012

Installing Friendica on Hiawatha once index.php works

Step 18: Enter mysql by typing "mysql -u root -p" at the command line. Enter the password that you selected when you install mysql (see:

Step 19: Create a database named Friendika by typing "mysqladmin -u root -p create Friendika".

Step 20: login to mysql. type " mysql> GRANT usage ON *.* TO friend@localhost -> IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; "

Step 21: login to mysql. type "use Friendika".

Step 22: "mysql>GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, FILE -> ON Friendika.* TO friend@localhost;"

Step 23: cd /var/www/dummy/friendica*

Step 24: sudo vi .htconfig.php

Step 25: type :wq

Step 26: type sudo chmod -v 777 .htconfig.php

Step 27: type mysql -u root -p Friendika < /var/www/dummy/friendica-friendica-7cfa7a7/ database.sql (see:

Oops, it still doesn't work. Well we still haven't created a ssl certificate. Move to the folder /etc/hiawatha and perform the following from root: openssl genrsa -out serverkey.pem 2048 openssl req -new -x509 -days 3650 -key serverkey.pem -out server.crt echo "" >> serverkey.pem cat server.crt >> serverkey.pem echo "" >> serverkey.pem rm -f server.crt and then go to hiawatha.conf and make this true: Binding { Port = 443 SSLcertFile = /etc/hiawatha/serverkey.pem } (as in Perhaps I need to copy a .hiawatha file to /var/www/dummy/friendica-friendica-7cfa7a7/. There is a .htaccess file there, but I am not using Apache. Or maybe not?? The mod-rewrite module is used for Apache. Perhaps I need to use banshee. Follow the configuration file in I might need to compile php with options for curl, gd, mysql, mbstring, mycrypt, and openssl. Oh, I downloaded php5-mysqlnd from Synaptic Package Manager and restarted localhost/index.php several times (the first time I got a 505, internal server error). When I was able to see the phpinfo() printout I found I had all of the packages that I needed for friendica. Goodnight, tomorrow I will try to install banshee.

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