Monday, April 5, 2010


I am thankful for:

1. Completing my BS in Chemical Engineering
2. Being in a good financial situation, (omitted for post)
3. Completing all my coursework for my MS degree in Chemical Engineering
4. All of the friends that I have had that have supported me during difficult times
5. God’s love (You have no idea how much this means to be in light of all the mistakes that I have made.)
6. All the knowledge that I have accrued throughout the years. Google is amazing.
7. God’s help appreciating everything (My schooling, my degree, my failures…)
8. Oklahoma University Libraries. Thanks for all the Journal Articles and countless books on interesting topics like Physics, pyrotechnics, and noise formation.
9. (omitted for post)
10. Being given the situation where I conquered my fears and learned computer programming.
11. Doing well this week with my research.
12. Nerdy discussions on Talk-Polywell. My Age of Boron Blog.
13. Friends in my life that really have inspired me to grow to appreciate more things, as well as things about myself.
14. Macromedia Flash 5. I have not found a more entertaining computer program. (plus it’s great for finding a hexadecimal values for creating webpages with color!) It’s also helped me draw stuff, which is really helpful considering…
15. Facebook.
16. All of the website experience I obtained while fooling around on the Internet when I was younger
17. Friends that I can relate to.

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