Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Physics of Dance (cont.)

I just thought my thoughts about the computing power could be seriously flawed. It nearly suggested, or possibly assumed (can't decide) that the brain actually solves physics equations. And also it would have to run like a computer to solve these programs. When in reality, the brain may have no idea what a physics equation is at this level. And may in fact have method that is inherently faster than a computer program solving a physics program in the same way it is faster to get to the first floor by jumping off the balcony rather than walking or even running down the stairs. You get to the first floor by following both methods, but one is inherently faster than the other. In the same way, the brain may have some sort of mechanism that is inherently faster and requires much less "computing power" if you can even gauge it that way. In short, less effort to do the same thing. With less effort, the maximum speed that you could do it could change as well. With the stair analogy. It would seem that most people (given some constraints, like their own power maybe...I will stop thinking here) could not propel themselves to the bottom of the stairs to the floor in the same amount of time that it would take to reach the floor by jumping off the balcony.

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